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Addressing a Critical Need for Interventional Oncology (IO) Research

Interventional Oncology (IO) is playing an increasingly central role in cancer care. This growth has underscored an opportunity to optimize and expand the role of IO even further through cutting-edge basic science, translational, and clinical research. High-quality clinical trials hold the potential to change guidelines that determine practice and reimbursement. These trials develop on a backbone of pre-clinical science that establishes pathways and mechanisms to enable the integration of image-guided therapies into the continuum of cancer care. The Society of Interventional Oncology’s (SIO) physician community is leading the way in supporting and facilitating this critical research. A strategic priority for our society, we seek to identify new opportunities for research that will improve outcomes for patients as we continue to build interventional oncology as the fourth pillar of cancer therapy. To realize this goal, we are committed to partnering with industry to support and enable groundbreaking science that seeks to discover and develop innovative approaches in oncology research that will improve access and adoption of these life-changing interventions.

$8 million total research funds raised for preclinical or clinical research

20+ institutions awarded research funding by SIO

20+ investigators funded to date

How Does SIO's Grant Process Work?

SIO Research Opportunities

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Beverlee Galstan
Industry Relations Director
Email  / (202) 367-2373

Jena Stack
Executive Director
Email  / (312) 673-4751 

Research Steering Committee

The SIO Research Steering Committee oversees all SIO research priorities for the year, including oversight and delegation of any appropriate projects to the Clinical Trials Committee, Guidelines Committee, and the Publications Committee. Learn more.

Committee Chair
Terence Gade, MD, PhD
University of Pennsylvania 

Vice Chair
Rony Avritscher, MD
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Research Advisor
Michael Soulen, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Board Liaison
Sarah White, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin

Greg Nadolski, MD
University of Pennsylvania

NIH Liaison
Brad Wood, MD

Grant Sub-Committee

Julius Chapiro, MD
Yale University

Research Development Sub-Committee 

Lynn Savic, MD, PhD
 Charité University Berlin 

Joe Erinjeri, MD, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

NCCN Sub-Committee 

Amy Deipoyli, MD, PhD
Charleston Area Cancer Center 

Registries Sub-Committee 

Stephen Solomon, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 

Research Consensus & Advisory Panels

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By bringing together a multi-disciplinary expert panel, including interventional oncology (IO) key opinion leaders, SIO seeks to explore critical questions and deficiencies in the field with our industry partners. These opportunities include custom panel composition, KOL lectures, roundtable discussions, site selection, strategy, advising, and other format options for key dialogue. Upon conclusion of the panel, each participant will receive a questionnaire on “Future Directions and Specific Project Proposals”, leaving room to comment on possible project designs and share thoughts inspired by the group discussion. Contact for pricing.

Preclinical Grant Program

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Partner with SIO to support a pre-clinical research investment to drive IO as the fourth pillar of cancer care. SIO has awarded over $1.5 million dollars in pre-clinical and clinical research grants that support research in the following areas to date:

  • Research evaluating immune stimulation of interventional oncologic therapies
  • Combination approaches to improve clinical outcomes
  • Improved understanding of the underlying mechanisms as to how different therapies influence both adaptive and innate immunity
  • Studies combining TACE with other therapies including immunotherapies, ablation, and radioembolization
  • Transarterial chemoembolization with Lipiodol and immuno-oncology

Industry supporters will work with the SIO Research Steering Committee to develop tailored calls for proposals based on your organization’s research priorities and current pipeline. Your organization will have the opportunity to discuss and develop research proposals with the foremost voices of IO research at the leading academic institutions around the world. Contact for pricing.

Clinical Research Program

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Partner with SIO to support a clinical, prospective research investment under the advisement of our research steering committee. These custom projects include a blend of protocol development, trial management and design, reporting, and strategic discussion to ensure the best possible outcomes in clinical research.

Current clinical studies include the ACCLAIM Clinical Trial and active development of a global interventional oncology registry. Contact for pricing. 

White Papers

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The society’s Research and Publications committees work actively year round on research publication efforts. Partner with SIO to commission a custom writing group to explore research synergies through our expert volunteers. Contact for pricing.