Research Grant Process

Developing SIO-Industry Partnerships to Advance IO Research

A Proven Success

The SIO has established a program to work with industry partners to drive cutting-edge research through the development of grant programs focused on pressing questions in interventional oncology.  The SIO model joins leaders in IO research with industry research teams to identify shared areas of interest. In addition to the opportunity for open discussion, the SIO Research Committee maintains a carefully curated list of these interests that is regularly updated by field experts and is available to industry partners.

SIO's Research Grant Process

We look forward to partnering with you. To learn more about our research grant process, please contact:

Beverlee Galstan
Industry Relations Director
Email  / (202) 367-2373

Jena Stack
Executive Director
Email  / (312) 673-4751

1. Establish a Research Consensus Panel to Define Topic Areas for the Grant Program

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Our process begins by bringing together a multidisciplinary research consensus panel (RCP), composed of experts in these topics from the clinical and academic community as well as representatives from our industry partner, to define critical questions, opportunities, and unmet needs. The RCP meeting includes focused presentations from these experts followed by round table discussions and directed questions answered through integrated polls. Upon conclusion of the panel, each participant receives a questionnaire on “Future Directions and Specific Project Proposals”, providing a forum to comment on possible project designs and share thoughts inspired by the group discussion. The product of these RCP’s is a consensus list of topics that form the basis for an industry-funded SIO grant program.  

2. Launch a Request for Applications to the SIO Community

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In collaboration with our industry partners, a request for applications (RFA) is then issued to the SIO community for pre-clinical and/or clinical grant applications. The SIO Research Steering Committee works with our industry partner to develop tailored calls for proposals based on your organization’s research priorities and current pipeline. Your organization will have the opportunity to discuss and develop research proposals with the foremost voices of IO research at the leading academic institutions around the world.

3. Review Grant Applications

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Grant applications are reviewed and scored for funding by an expert panel with sponsor participation. Sponsors have access to all applications, and can pursue additional studies of interest after the committed grant funds are awarded.

4. Conduct Grant Study and Research

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Within one month following the application deadline, an NIH-style grant study section is convened composed of multi-disciplinary experts in the area of interest.

5. Present Findings

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In addition, to semi-annual progress reports, the principal investigators leading the awarded projects often have the opportunity to present their research in a session dedicated to the RFA at an SIO Annual Scientific Meeting.

6. Identify Opportunities to Build on Research Data

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A post-award RCP will then be convened including presentations from these investigators in order to follow-up on results and identify opportunities for RFAs that build on these data.

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